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Best Employee Monitoring Software

Best Employee Monitoring Software Gotreviewed


In an age where every second count, it is of paramount importance that organizations keep track of how their employees spend their time at work. Be it the amount of time they spend on work or the time they spend on distractions that detract from their performance, time is an important metric to be monitored. The best employee monitoring software tools let you track numerous parameters that determine how effective your team is. Besides, monitoring employees enables you to protect confidential information. It also helps predict the efficiency of your company with the help of machine learning algorithms. 

New software tools that let you monitor every facet of your employee’s work behavior are all the rage in the market today. From advanced keyloggers that track every button press to tools that monitor and block distractions, these tools can give your business a significant dose of productivity. In this article, I undertake an in-depth review of 7 of the most popular employee monitoring software platforms available on the market today so that you can make an informed choice that is sure to give your business a substantial boost.

Why Invest In An Employee Monitoring Software?

Regardless of the industry, your firm belongs to, productivity is of prime importance. Keeping track of the time your employees spend at work will help you get a better picture of the organization’s performance. You can also protect your data from theft by using monitoring software to prevent unauthorized USB file-transfers and other forms of unethical data breaches. These solutions can be customized based on your organization’s requirements and based on the employee’s position in your company. 


79% of employees have been micromanaged

Screenshots let you keep an eye on how your employees use your business tools and to prevent misuse or situations where employees don’t work for extended periods. Besides, several other features that are specific to monitoring programs give your organization an edge when compared to your rivals. Simply put, these tools allow you to get the most out of your employees.


Next up on the list of remote work monitoring software is ActivTrak – an elaborate set of tools that offers a different take on conventional employee tracking. It skips the standard features such as keyloggers, in favor of more employee-centric alternatives. A few of these employee-friendly features include application monitoring and website tracking. Further, while you can take screenshots every five seconds on ActivTrak, you cannot record videos, which could mean losses in real-time information gathering.

The intuitive dashboard on ActivTrak helps you keep track of important metrics at a glance while allowing for a deep-dive into individual widgets to learn more. Although you can’t modify the dashboard, it still offers a complete view of user activity. On the other hand, it lacks the multiple views provided by Teramind. 

Time tracking gets the utmost importance on ActivTrak. It allows you to perform a range of functions like monitoring productivity levels based on the sites visited by employees, blocking domains to boost performance, and ensuring that employees only work on authorized sites. The detailed reports produced by the tool offer numerous metrics to determine productivity levels. 

Finally, ActivTrak offers privacy-focused features such as clouding employee usernames and giving them aliases. If you’re in the market for an option that secures the privacy of employees while still offering monitoring options, ActivTrak is the way to go.


✔️ Detailed reports
✔️ Very easy usage
✔️ Keylogger available
✔️ Chrome browser extension


❌ No free trial
❌ Resource demanding


ObserveIT logo

Step up your business with ObserveIT’s monitoring tools’ cutting edge features. Screen-recording lets you keep track of all kinds of user activity.

Additionally, it converts screenshots into videos that are easy to review by a committee to determine productivity levels along with user activity logs. ObserveIT’s user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to keep track of your employees. A keylogger lets you track threats in real-time, with triggers for specific keywords and commands. Also, you can detect data breaches if particular keywords are entered into the organization’s machines. Most of all, targeted incident reporting systems let you track issues across departments and take measures to minimize such occurrences in the future.

In case you don’t want your managers to know the identity of the employees as they monitor data, you can anonymize them. This feature allows you to collect data in compliance with privacy requirements. 

ObserveIT is one tool that would be a valuable asset to any professional organization. Give this employee tracking software a shot to propel your business!


✔️ User-friendly management interface makes it better.
✔️ Takes screen captures of user’s activities to understand suspicious activities better.
✔️ Ease of upgrading all the related servers and its agent.


❌ Archiving technology must be improved. When you restart that appliance, it needs more tuning on it to make it right.
❌ You need to make a better optimization work on its database servers. It may cause problems working itself properly.
❌ After upgrading its agents, it may give some false positive alerts like “Agent not reporting” while it reporting.


Next up on our list of computer monitoring software is Teramind. With novel features and an intuitive interface that is superior to those of its cluttered competitors, the experience of using Teramind is genuinely second to none. For instance, the simple admin dashboard helps you perform a variety of actions, from setting automated privacy rules to detecting keystrokes. Screen recordings let you track users in real-time while keeping their data safe. The option of revealing or hiding the agent ensures that you can track people only when they work for your organization, which is a boon for the numerous B2B organizations that rely on contractors and freelancers to get their work done. In effect, Teramind lets your users decide whether they wish to be monitored. 

Further, customizable widgets lend personality and flexibility to your dashboard. Be it a list of users, a log of your keyloggers, or time logs, you can visualize it all. 

There are also several dashboards on offer. These let you access different sets of information based on your requirements. Switch between them with a few clicks to gain a birds’ eye view of your business. For instance, you can customize the Focus dashboard as you see fit, based on the metrics you deem significant to your organization. Productivity dashboard tracks and handles the amount of time spent on productive websites and distractions. With a risk score that lets you keep track of potential threats, you can be more attentive towards employees who have a higher chance of causing trouble. Teramind offers businesses a luxurious suite of tools and is one we highly recommend. 


✔️ Tracking and monitoring employee activity have never been easier.
✔️ The ability to create custom scripts per employee has made security and data protection much easier.


❌ The remote control is not good enough
❌ A little hard to use
❌ On occasion, it is unable to show some data

Veriato Vision

The next comprehensive monitoring solution vendor on our list, Veriato, is no stranger to employee monitoring. Similar to other tools, Veriato allows for archiving and screenshots, which let you store user information in an easy-to-understand format with context saved alongside it. With a focus on simplicity, this is a tool that even novices can learn with ease. 

Regardless of whether a site is considered productive or not, Veriato can handily track activity over the Internet. It allows complete email monitoring tools that work in tandem with established services such as Gmail and Outlook. Besides, it offers a Vision tool that keeps track of each employee’s activity. Advanced reports also let you see the big picture concerning multiple departments and teams. However, Veriato’s in-depth features may not be suitable for all kinds of organizations. Some businesses may only require software that performs the bare necessities while cutting down on advanced features such as email monitoring. 

Veriato allows businesses to monitor conversations and use keywords tracking to monitor email threads. Additionally, you can also track application usage across your machines. For instance, if an employee is using an application that has not been authorized by your organization, it can be suspended before it runs. Keyloggers offer you a real-time view of what the employee is working on at any given moment. In combination with the tools to track file transfers, these ensure data breaches do not happen. Besides, you can use Veriato to determine the amount of time an employee spends on the work itself, which can be useful in making payroll decisions and more.o

With its focus on simplicity, Veriato is a tool that even novices can learn with ease and is a dependable choice for a growing business. 


✔️ Data loss prevention
✔️ Free trial
✔️ Video tutorials


❌ Difficult usage
❌ Annual license

Digital Guardian

Yet another key DLP (data loss prevention) and remote user monitoring service is Digital Guardian, which also allows you to scale your business in terms of the data you protect. With advanced features like threat detection and real-time analysis of metrics, you can use Digital Guardian to prevent data breaches by monitoring your employees effectively. While the other software tools on this list place a higher emphasis on user information and tracking, this platform focuses more on ensuring that your data is safe, secure, and confidential through features that prevent and enable speedy responses in case of data breach detection and response. 

The DGMC(Digital Guardian Management Console) acts as a dashboard that lets you monitor threats and take measures accordingly. Dynamic reporting tools allow you to receive reports with metrics that help you deal with threats quicker than ever before. Also, custom policies and alerts offer you flexibility in keeping track of the flow of information – deploy your solution at ease with the help of Amazon’s comprehensive AWS services or get projects done with rapid deployment and minimal overhead through Digital Guardian.


✔️ Email data leaks
✔️ Unauthorized file copies
✔️ Alerting Administrators of suspicious activities


❌ Program Conflicts
❌ Excessive false positives
❌ Frequent program updates
❌ Reverting to older versions


The next remote employee monitoring tool on our list is InterGuard. Record a variety of user information with this tool, aiding productivity and performance in the process. InterGuardlets, you know if any of your employees engage in illicit activities, from stealing data to committing fraud. 

InterGuard also allows you to log time spent on working based on a per-application and per-website basis. Remote tracking of employees is a breeze with the help of features that monitor vital metrics, such as the time spent on applications and websites. Keyloggers let you monitor keywords to protect your information while restraining your employees from spending time on unproductive websites. 

If one of your organization’s machines is lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe sensitive data. This facility will ensure that your data remains confidential. Further, website tracking lets you pick what websites your employees can visit. You can block by whitelist, blacklist, and category like entertainment, social media, etc. 

In short, InterGuard lets you keep track of your organization’s machines no matter where they are. This flexibility enables your employees to work from home with high productivity levels. This software platform is one you should certainly consider for your organization. 


✔️ Wide selection of add-on modules and features.
✔️ Custom dashboards.
✔️ Keyword alerts.
✔️ File tracking.


❌ Dated user interface.
❌ Data takes some time to sync.
❌ Compatibility issues and manual settings can make agent installation a hassle.


Time is money. Employee monitoring software help businesses get the most out of your employees while keeping the data safe.
Live tracking options let you check on your employees remotely, across offices across the world. In effect, these tools let managers monitor their employees less but more effectively while meeting deadlines consistently. With a plethora of features on offer, pick a tool that works best for your organization. You will see a boost to your business today!

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