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Best Human Resources Management Tools

HR Management Tools

Human Resources Management includes all the work from hiring a candidate to handling their resignation. Moreover, it is a very complex job that requires multitasking. Human resources are the link that holds an organization together. They have to perform various tasks like conducting interviews, documentation, managing payroll, attendance, induction, managing leaves, and deal with complaints, performance evaluation, promotion, termination, and managing exit interviews consequently. To handle all this work, many companies invest in HR management tools and software. In this post, however, we will discuss the top 5 human resources management tools used by organizations.

Oracle HCM Cloud

It is a cloud-based tool. Medium and large businesses mostly use it, likewise. It is helpful in monitoring the employees. Moreover, here are some features of Oracle HCM Cloud.


  • Monitoring Employees
  • Advising on Taxes
  • Monitoring employee development
  • Tracking Applicant
  • Managing Goals
  • Predictive analytics
  • Collaboration tools

It will cost you $13 for every employee per month for the Global Human Resources Package, consequently.
It will cost you $5 for each user per month for Talent Management Cloud, likewise.


It is one of the well known and oldest human resources management tools. Organizations have been using them for 20 years, consequently. Moreover, medium and large businesses mostly use it. This tool helps to manage the employees. It is also used to increase transparency. You can use this tool to check if all the employees are contributing to the development of the organization. Here are the features and price of this tool, likewise.


  • To track attendance
  • Onboarding monitoring
  • Self-service platform
  • Tracking Performance
  • Managing compensation
  • Managing benefits
  • Employee database
  • Personalized profile for all the employees

It will cost you $6 for each employee per month, likewise.


It is a high-level human resources management software. Moreover, small companies and start-ups mostly use it. More than 100,000 companies use this tool. It is mainly used for managing health insurance. Here are the features and price, likewise.


  • Profiling Employees
  • Onboarding Management
  • Managing Benefits
  • Employee database
  • Planning retirement
  • Managing life insurance
  • Payroll management
  • Corporate education
  • Health insurance management

It will cost you around $45 for each user per month, likewise.


This tool is like a-la-carte, moreover. This talent management tool is different from others. It has employee management modules. However, these modules are independent and connectable. Here are the features and price, accordingly.


  • Payroll processing
  • Tracking Applicant
  • Employee Self-service
  • Talent management
  • Time and attendance management

However, if you want to use this tool, you have to follow a subscription-based payment. The price is not fixed. It depends upon demand.

Dayforce HCM

It is another cloud-based tool. This human resource management tool has a variety of features. Moreover, it can be used to manage tax and employees. All the information is stored in this software, likewise. However, this information is presented using charts and graphs for better understanding.


  • Evaluating performance
  • Creating a document
  • Managing recruitment
  • KPI tracking
  • Monitoring payroll
  • Attendance management

This tool doesn’t have a fixed price consequently. To know the price, you need to contact the vendor directly. There are no free trials available, consequently.

Moreover, these are the top 5 human resources management tools that are used by business organizations to make their work easy and quick. You can see all the specifications and choose the tool that suits your requirements, likewise.

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