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8 Best Text-To-Speech Software

Best Text-To-Speech Software

#1 Natural TTS

Naturaltts is one of the best text-to-speech tools available today. It is certainly one of the most realistic sounding software available today. The website comes with a free to use demo that can convert 200 characters at a time.

You can type in the text to convert and the tool instantly converts the text into speech that you can playback or download as an mp3 file.

Natural TTS comes with a variety of useful features that are not that heavy on your wallet. The website itself has a free to use online text-to-speech tool that you can use to convert text quickly. It can convert 200 characters at a time.

Natural TTS provides you with 61 natural-sounding and high-quality voices in all of the major languages. It has both free and paid services that you can subscribe to according to your needs. The free version itself provides 6 languages and you can convert 40000 characters in 6 different accents, which is more than enough for more users. The realistic voice reproduction makes it perfect for a variety of uses such as educational aid, audiobooks, online video voice-overs, business presentations, and many more personal and commercial projects

If you pay $79.99 per month and buy the commercial pack, you’ll be able to convert 1,000,000 characters into a wide range of languages and premium voices to choose from.

Natural TTS is very affordable if you are an average user of text-to-speech. There is a free version available with all the essential voices and accents that can convert 6 different languages and is limited to personal use. The pricing for the personal pack starts at $9.99 per month which is affordable for most people and you get 27 premium voices. The premium pack with all the premium features comes for $79.99 per month which is a bit pricey. But for the features that you are getting, Natural TTS is one of the best text-to-speech software out there today.


✔️ Free account type available
✔️ 61+ Natural sounding voices
✔️ All major languages available
✔️ Free .mp3 and .wav downloads
✔️ OCR Technology – can read and convert .pdf, .txt, and .docx files
✔️ File history support


❌ Demo restricted to 200 characters
❌ Demo restricted to 3 converts per day
❌ Expensive commercial option

#2 Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a good text-to-speech program that provides various subscriptions for your specific needs. It has a very useful chrome extension available which is free to use for 7 days. The free extension can be used to convert text into 3 free voices and the premium voices can be used for 20 minutes per day.

Natural Readers is a good text-to-speech software that has a relatively fast conversion speed. It has a free to use chrome extension available that is limited to 7 days. The extension gives you most of the functionalities that the premium has with limited usage of the premium voices.

Natural Readers has 61 different voices in 18 different languages, which is more than enough for most users. The only issue with this system is that only a few voices sound natural. In some of the voices, you can notice a certain robotic tone that might not be suitable for purposes such as voice-overs.

The tool has a dyslexic font option that makes the text easier to read for people with dyslexia making it a useful tool for educational purposes.

The commercial version has an audio editor option that can be used to edit and customize the voice output. You can add specific voices to parts of the speech and also change their speed. You can combine different languages and voices, and download them as a single audio file.

Natural Readers comes with 4 subscription packs. The free version is a limited 7-day trial that gives you 3 free voices and a 20 minute limit on the premium voices. For small projects, there is a monthly plan available for $99 per user. You can get the regular single-user subscription for $49 per month which is billed yearly at $588 per year. The commercial team license comes at $79 per month which is also billed yearly for $948 per year making it expensive for the features it provides.


✔️ Free version available
✔️ Chrome extension
✔️ 61 voices in 18 languages
✔️ Audio editor
✔️ Dyslexic font
✔️ Can read images and PDFs with OCR


❌ Free version limited to 7 days
❌ Robotic tone to some voices
❌ Expensive commercial subscription

#3 TTS Reader

TTS Reader is one of the older tools available. It’s a good tool to use for quick text-to-speech converts. It has both free and paid versions available. It’s an easy tool to use despite the website being a little bit underdone. You won’t find much information on the website itself, but you can clarify your doubts in the comment section.

TTS Reader has a simple interface where you input your text and it is converted into speech. It has a chrome extension that can read websites and an online tool where you can quickly convert text to speech. Moreover, it provides an android app that can be installed on any smartphone to convert text to speech in different languages and voices.

TTS Reader has a one-time payment system that is kind of limited in ways. For YouTube videos, you will have to pay $10 per video which doesn’t seem very affordable when compared to other monthly or yearly subscription systems. You will have to include the website link in the description even if you purchase this plan. If you don’t want to include the link, it will cost you $19 per video. There is a “non-commercial license” available which would be the logical choice if you do not intend to publish and it will only cost you $19 for a year, which seems reasonable.

There is also an “Extended publishing license” available that will cost you $49 and will allow you to publish up to 10 YouTube videos and includes the license for 100 users.


✔️ Simple interface
✔️ Chrome extension available
✔️ Android app available
✔️ Free online tool
✔️ One-time payment system


❌ Robotic tone to the voices
❌ Commercial version also limited
❌ Dated interface

#4 From Text To Speech

From Text-to-Speech is a free online text-to-speech tool that can be used to read out loud text up to 50000 characters at a time. That’s huge considering it is a completely free tool to use. The website is quite simple and with the online tool, you can create an audio file that can be downloaded easily.

The online Text to Speech tool can convert 50000 characters at a time. There is no paid version available. The text can be input into the text box on the homepage and converted. There is no real-time playback available and the text has to be processed and converted before you can play it back. It has 8 different languages and 5 different voices to choose from with variable speeds.

This text to speech service is completely free. Use a converter without any limits.


✔️ Free of cost
✔️ Simple interface
✔️ Can convert up to 50000 characters
✔️ .mp3 download available


❌ No real-time playback
❌ Robotic voices
❌ A limited number of languages and voices

#5 is another free speech synthesis tool on the list. It is a simple online text-to-speech tool and does not have a paid version available. If you are looking for a tool that can quickly convert your text to speech for something non-commercial, then might be a good choice. comes with a free online speech synthesis tool that can convert up to 4000 characters at a time. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of 6 voices and 3 languages. It does not have a real-time playback system and the processing time can get a bit long if server traffic is high.


✔️ Free online tool
✔️ Converts up to 4000 characters at a time
✔️ mp3 downloads available


❌ A limited number of voices and languages
❌ Robotic sounding voices
❌ Very slow processing time

#6 iSpeech

iSpeech is text-to-speech software that comes with a free to use demo right there on the site. It has a variety of voices and languages to choose from. The interface is simple to use but a bit dated when compared to some others. It is certainly one of the more fasted text to speech tools available online.

iSpeech can convert text to speech in more than 30 languages with different accents in both male and female voices. It has an online tool available for quick converts and you can download the file as a .mp3 if you register with the website. iSpeech is one of the older text to speech tools operating since 2009. iSpeech is available in a variety of different platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Web.

The pricing for iSpeech comes in two ways, a credit-based system where you buy credits to convert words. The pricing for the credit-based system starts at $50 which translates to $0.25 per word, and you will also receive discounted prices as you buy larger amounts of credits.

The other system is billed per installation within 30 days. The prices start at $0.25 for the first 10000 to 100000 installations with a minimum of 10000 installations. This is intended for large businesses.

When compared to other tools, the pricing for iSpeech is quite expensive for the features it provides.


✔️ Free online tool available
✔️ Free .mp3 downloads
✔️ Easy to use interface
✔️ More than 30 languages available


❌ Dated interface
❌ Costly subscriptions
❌ Robotic tone to some voices

#7 Oddcast

Oddcast is a Text to Speech system that provides plenty of useful functionalities. As a matter of fact, it is the only tool on the list that gives you a visual representation of the human face and the facial movements as your text is being spoken out loud.

Oddcast is a tool that is packed full of features. It can synthesis text into 185 different male and female voices. It can pronounce words in more than 30 different languages. Moreover, it has a translation tool that can translate a language into another before it is converted into speech. It not only converts text into speech but also gives a visual representation of it in the form of a simulated human face. It has tools that you can use to add sound effects to your speech such as echo, reverb and similar effects.

Although it has a lot of useful features, some of the voices sound quite robotic. While it can pronounce some sentences perfectly, some don’t come out quite as realistic.

Oddcast is one of the more affordable tools on the list with the annual licensing fee starting at $5. In addition, the API kit available for as low as $15.


✔️ Translation tool
✔️ 185 different male and female voices available
✔️ More than 30 languages available
✔️ Fast conversion speeds
✔️ Visually simulated avatars available


❌ Some voices sound robotic

#8 Readspeaker

Readspeaker is one of the more realistic sounding tools on the list. In fact, it is a tool that comes packed full of useful features that can be incorporated right into your website.

Readspeaker is certainly a tool that gives you a lot of functional features to choose from. Furthermore, it is a tool that you can be incorporated into your website environment making it easy for users to use. Moreover, it has more than 200 voices with highly natural sounding voices. It also produces speech in more than 50 languages, making it the tool with the most number of voices and languages on the list.

With this tool, you can create an audio version of your website. For example, as each word is read it gets highlighted on the screen making it very visible and easy to follow. It can help students learn in a much easier way and also help people with reading disabilities effectively.

The online document reading tool can read documents such as .docx, .pdf, and .txt and the audio can be played back on any device. Moreover, it has a unique form of reader that can assist people while filling in online forms by giving them vocal assistance. Therefore, the Readspeaker is perfect for large businesses as it can be used with a cloud server for remote access.

Readspeaker is the perfect solution whether you are aiming for an impactful web presence or even creating an audiobook.

The basic plan for Readspeaker starts at only $49 per year and the full-fledged tool costs only $89 per year. As a result, these make it the best value for money text to speech programs available in the market.


✔️ More than 200 voices available
✔️ More than 50 languages available
✔️ Provision for online document reading tool
✔️ Cloud support available


❌ Some voices have a slightly robotic tone


Text-to-speech tools can definitely benefit a wide range of sectors. Not only are they beneficial for small and big businesses, but they can also be life-changing for individuals with certain disabilities. It is a technology that can act as an educational aid for children and adults who have learning and reading disabilities.

As well as help visually impaired people use digital devices such as computers and smartphones much more easily. Now that you have seen a detailed comparison of what each text-to-speech tool has to offer, we hope that your decision got a bit easier. Well, if you think this article helped you then don’t forget to share it.

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