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Broil King 958344 Regal S590 Pro Broil King 958344 Regal S590 Pro


Broil King 958344 Regal S590 Pro Overview: Pricing, Pros, and Cons


Broil King is an old barbecue family which is in this field for over 3 decades. They have an ample amount of experience which makes them build high-quality grills. Broil King gas grills are built by North Americans, hence mostly used in Canadian backyards but are slowly being used across the US and Europe.

It has been known for its performance. Each and every part of the grill from the smallest to the biggest along with its accessories are made by their best professionals, making the products outstanding and not giving a chance of disappointment on customer’s face

Broil King is included with a handful of brands that have been ISO certified. Their products are made in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and Huntington, Indiana USA.

To assure their customers believe they have a 10-year warranty. To add to it, broil king grills are pretty cheap as compared to other high range brands providing the same service. So why not give it a try?


Broil king regal S590 Pro’s cook box is made from aluminum and high-grade stainless steel. It ensures the heat is trapped within the cook box at all times making the meat tender and cooked evenly from all sides. They are highly durable.

Their burners are made of a different style. Each of their 5 burners has two rows of flame making sure your steak is cooked evenly to give a perfect mouth-watering taste and texture. It has a massive cooking area of 625, providing you with enough space to cook for a huge family gathering. Their ignition is the same as Monument Grills which is an electronic ignition.

Their stainless steel grids ensure quality and durability to a high level. They are extremely easy to use and clean. So why not lay your hands on it and experiment with new styles of cooking by exploring your own hidden talents? They are made of solid 9mm stainless steel rod; their grids are 56% heavier than the other grills, providing a greater heat retention power and prominent sear marks. The grill provides durability.


✔️ Broil King has been reviewed 
as a sturdy and durable product
with easy assembling

✔️ The grill grids heat up in
no time to approximately
700 degrees in 5 minutes

✔️ Broil King natural gas
(propane) can easily be refilled

✔️ Same features as Weber but
cheaper with high-end benefits


❌ The stainless steel isn’t stainless. 
The grill burner covers get
rusted after a period of time
even if left covered for a long time

❌ Time-consuming. Although
the grill heats up quickly,
it takes a long time to cook.
Not recommended to use at the
time of urgency

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The stainless steel system provides even heat distribution across the entire surface of the grill and protects the burner. Just like how Webber grills have flavorizer bars that vaporize the excess or spilling of the sauces to make your steak delicious. Similarly, the Broil King Regal Pro has introduced Flav-R-Wave which has the same function.

Every cooking requires an increase and decrease of temperature while grilling, roasting or even cooking on the fire. So, it should be convenient for all to adjust the temperature gradually. Regal Pro has linear flow 180-degree sense touch control knobs to regulate the temperature while you grill so your food doesn’t end up burning.

It’s always good to have a side dish along with your main dish or you may need an additional burner at the side of your grill to heat up your food or cook a dish. They have a side dish burner that is high-powered with 10,000 BTU helping you make mouth-watering soups or sauces while you grill creating an even more delicious and mesmerizing aroma of your grilled chicken along with the warm soup.

💡 Editorial Tip

How to choose a built-in gas grill?

It has a rotisserie burner of 15,000 BTU which comes with a spit rod and motor that keeps rotating cooking the grilled food evenly throughout inside and outside.

The broiled king has a built-in gas grill. The grill runs on propane gas which can easily be refilled whenever needed. You just need to pull out the propane gas tank from the drawer. This feature is standard on all their Regal series products.

To make the grill set-up more appealing and attractive blue LED control knobs are presently giving it a classy and stylish look. The LED when lit actually helps you find the controls in the dark. You do not require a torch just to see and manage the controls.

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