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How To Find High-Quality Questions on Quora

Quora promotion strategy gotreviewed

As a professional outreach specialist, I am often tasked with finding high-quality web sources to garner quality traffic. One of the best and well-known resources for link-building purposes is Quora. This is a place where billions of people are asking numerous questions each and every day. Unfortunately, not all of these questions drive a good amount of traffic. Today, I will teach you how to find the most traffic and discern popular questions within your niche. Then, you can place your answer and leave a backlink to your website.

First, let’s take a look at how Quora can drive traffic to your website. If you already know the benefits of using Quora, just skip this entry and go straight to the methods overview.

What is Quora?

Simply put, Quora is a question and answer website. Anyone can ask a question on any topic and the general public can write an answer. Then, users vote the best question and answer to show up first.

Questions can be about anything, from DIY to self-improvement and everything in between. Once someone posts a question to Quora, they get answers by well-respected individuals and professionals who can offer advice, guidance, or a direct answer. The site grows in popularity with each passing year.

The Benefits of Quora (Of Which There Are Many)

Quora operates as the perfect platform for any website owner to show off their knowledge and expertise. After all, most of us create sites to help our readers with any problems. The Q&A format of Quora makes it a natural platform for any site owner to participate and drive traffic to a particular site. Let’s take a look at the two major benefits.

Benefit 1: Quora Works to Drive Long-Term Traffic

Short bursts in traffic are just that short. What you want is a long-term source of traffic that keeps on giving. Quora is that source. Let’s say you write a post today or answer a question with authority. Months from now, people will still be finding your answer. When someone upvotes your post, your answer will appear within their feed, becoming visible to all of their followers. As a result, more traffic will come back to your website thanks to backlinks within your post.

Generally, the traffic generation from Quora can last up to three months. However, some users have found that Quora posts from years ago can still bring traffic in the present day. Each answer you write or post you make can bring you traffic for the foreseeable future.

Benefit 2: Quora Establishes You As An Expert

The format of Quora allows you to come across as an expert in your field or niche. That authority goes a long way with users who will then look to your site for more specific answers. You can share content in three ways:

  • Backlinking to your URL
  • Copying and pasting content directly from your site
  • Coming up with unique content for the answer

Each of these can not only drive traffic back to your site indefinitely, but they can establish you as a true authority in your field. Once you are an established expert or authority on Quora, more and more visitors will click on your link. Consistency is key until you get noticed. Once you have an audience, Quora does the work for you.

Of course, part of becoming an authority in knowing how to find and answer the best questions.

4 Methods of Using Quora to Promote Your Website

1. The First Method – Quora Ads

In this method, we will use Quora itself to find high traffic questions.
Step #1: The first thing you have to do is to enter your Quora account and click on your avatar in the top right corner, then from the dropdown menu you need to choose “Ads Manager”.

Step #2: The next thing you will need to do is click on “Create campaign”. Then type anything in the “Campaign Name”, and choose Objective “Traffic”. You will also need to specify the Daily Budget – don be afraid, you won’t spend money at all, it is simply the way to the next step. Click on “Continue”.

Step #3: At this window, you should scroll down a little bit, and choose “Contextual Targeting”, then pick “Questions”. Now, press on “Bulk Add”.

Step #4: In this field type your niche keywords. This will help quora to find the right questions. After this press “Continue”.

Step #5: Here it is, you finally have all the relevant questions with the exact statistics of weekly views. Choose the best question you need and place a quality answer with your backlink in it.

2. The Second Method – Using

This is a relatively easy method, but it requires using paid service – Ahrefs.

Step #1: The first thing you have to do is put the Quora main URL to the Site Explorer.

Step #2: Go to the “Top Pages” on the left side.

Step #3: Here you should add 2 filters. First, add a filter to positions, to see only from 1 to 10. Secondly, write-in your main keyword to the “Words in Keyword” to narrow down the whole results to only those you need. Also, you can use a “Search Volume” filter to see only certain monthly results you need.

As an example, I’ve chosen the keyword “IoT”.

Step #4: Choose the question that is the best for you and place the quality answer with your backlink in it.

3. The Third Method- Using Google Operators

This is another easy method to find low competition high traffic questions on Quora. Here you will need to perform a Google search and utilize a special operator that will help you to find a question with high traffic.

Google search operators are simply special characters and commands that work to extend the capacity of a regular search. They are useful for finding technical results. Any search operator can be input directly into the search box as you would a regular text search. A search operator is simply your keyword.

Step #1: In the case of a Quora search, put this operator in the google search, where “keyword” is the name of your niche. For example, let’s take a specific niche like Kali Linux: kali linux “1 answer” “view 1 upvoter” “k views”



Step #2: Here you will get a list of Quora questions depending on the niche you have mentioned. It would be with at least 1,000 views and only 1 answer with a single upvote.

Here you go, we have found a good question with an answer that has 2.3K of views and only 1 upvote.

As you can see, this answer could be easily outranked and the only thing you need to do is to write the high-quality answer and get a few upvotes – and that’s it, now you will get a good amount of new users on your resource.

– Here is another example. Let’s say your niche is Windows 10. The operator in the search will be your “keyword” which is the name of your niche. In this case, Windows 10. Your text box search will look like this: windows 10 “1 answer” “view 1 upvoter” “k views”

Just like above, “1 answer” will ensure that the question only has 1 answer, allowing you to slip in and provide a better answer. “View 1 upvoter” will guarantee that this question currently only has one upvote. “K views” will establish that the question has at least 1,000 views. In the case of this search, our question has 3.5 K views.

4. The Fourth Method- Looking At the Most Viewed Writers

This method is the most simple and pretty straightforward but will involve a bit of sleuthing. This is a hack that anyone can do, even if they are new to Quora.

Start by looking for a relevant topic (e.g., computer programming) on Quora. Go ahead and click on “Most Viewed Writers”.

You’ll see a list of the top writers in that category. Each probably has an immense number of views, even if they have only answered a handful of questions.

Quora will tell you what those questions are. You can answer them yourself and attempt to replicate the success of the top writer. Attempt to check out the writer with the most views with the fewest number of answers. Then find the question that amounts to the bulk of the author’s views.

If the answer leaves a lot to be desired, write a better answer and strive to replicate those results. After all, the post is still getting eyeballs. This is a great opportunity to drive some traffic by following the Quora Algorithm.

As you are answering your question, the Quora algorithm will start recommending new topics and questions for you to answer. These will appear in your “Answer” tab. These questions are probably very popular within the Quora ecosystem, meaning your answers could garner thousands of views.


I hope you have found something helpful in this post. Also, if you have any questions – feel free to comment and I will try to answer your questions!

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