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How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft

Do you want to know how to build a saddle in Minecraft? Are you unable to craft a saddle? If yes, we will help you with it. Minecraft is a game where you can almost build anything. But there are some things you can’t craft and saddle is one of them.

Making a saddle in Minecraft is not possible. Minecraft saddle is compulsory for riding animals. If you want to ride animals like horses, mules, and pigs, you need a saddle. So if you can’t build a saddle, how do you use it? The answer is simple; you can find it. There are many ways to find a saddle in Minecraft. In this post, we will show you how to get a saddle in Minecraft.

How to get a saddle in Minecraft:

  • Inside chests: 

You have to open chests to find saddles. Although the chances are small, you might get lucky and find a saddle in a chest. These chests can be hidden in many places. Here is a list of some places where you can find a saddle inside a chest.

  • In the dungeons: 

You are most likely to find a saddle in a chest that is hidden in the dungeons. There is a 54% chance of finding a saddle in one.

  • In a Nether Fortress: 

You have a 40% chance of finding a saddle in a chest that is hidden in Nether Fortress. You need to build a Nether portal to go there. It is a risky place, so go prepared.

  • In a Desert temple: 

In this temple, you will find four hidden chests. They are hidden in a secret chamber. You 24% chance of finding a saddle in one of the four chests.

  • In a blacksmith’s building: 

You will find a chest hidden inside a blacksmith’s building. You have a 16% chance of finding a saddle inside the chest.

  • In a jungle temple: 

You will find two hidden chests there. You have a 15 % chance of finding a saddle.

  • In Abandoned mineshafts:

You will find multiple chests in abandoned mineshafts. You have a 15 % chance of finding a saddle here.

By trading: 

You can also find Minecraft horse saddles by trading various items in exchange for emerald. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Search for a leatherworker villager
  • Collect emeralds
  • Open trading window
  • Purchase leather pants
  • Buy a leather tunic
  • Purchase the saddle from the leatherworker.

By fishing:

Another way to find a saddle is by fishing. The chances are rare, though. First, you have to craft a fishing rod, then go near the water, Cast your line and enchant the fishing rod with luck.

By cheating: 

You can also find a saddle by cheating. Here are some cheating options for you.

  • Enable cheats
  • Switch to creative mode to find a saddle easily
  • Use commands to acquire a saddle.
  • Use a tamed horse with saddle.

By killing a ravager: 

You can find a saddle by killing a ravager. First, you need to find a ravager. To can find them by killing a captain. Then you can kill them to get the saddle.


Can you make a saddle in Minecraft? No, you can’t. There is no Minecraft craft saddle command for getting a saddle. But you can use the above Minecraft saddle recipe to find a saddle. If you follow this recipe, you will most likely get a saddle to ride the animals.

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