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How To Make Concrete In Minecraft

How To Make Concrete In Minecraft

Have you ever tried using concrete blocks to craft something? Do you want to know how to make concrete in Minecraft? In this post, we will explain how you can easily make concrete. But before that, we much learn why making concrete is so important. 

As you know, in Minecraft you can build many things. To build buildings and houses in Minecraft, you need certain material blocks. Minecraft concrete is one of the materials that is used to craft buildings. It is widely used because it is strong. 

So if you are planning to craft a building or house for you, you might need concrete. Therefore, you should know how to get concrete in Minecraft. And even if you don’t know, you can read our post to know Minecraft concrete recipe.

What do you need to make concrete?

To make concrete in Minecraft, you need concrete powder and water. Two main ingredients are used to make concrete. But concrete powder is not freely available. You need to make a concrete powder using other materials. Here is how you can make concrete powder.

How to make concrete powder?

To make the concrete powder, you need three ingredients, i.e. gravel, sand, and dyes. If you are constructing a huge building, you might need to acquire these materials in bulk. Here are the steps you need to follow to make concrete powder Minecraft.

Acquire Sand: 

For building eight pieces of concrete powder, you need four pieces of sand. So if you want to make more concrete powder, you need four times more sand. You can easily find sand on islands in Minecraft. Moreover, you can also find sand in the deserts. You can get sand by filling them up in boxes using a diamond shovel.

Acquire Gravel: 

For building eight pieces of concrete powder, you need four pieces of gravel. You can find gravel in Gravel Mountain. You can find large quantities of gravel there.

Acquire Dye: 

You need one piece of dye to make 1 piece of concrete powder. If you are wondering, how to make colored concrete Minecraft? The answer is simple, by using dye. It is used to make colored concrete in Minecraft. There are 16 different color dyes in Minecraft. The white dye is mostly used to make white dye Minecraft buildings. These dyes are naturally present. You can also mix 2 dyes to make a different color.

Craft concrete powder: 

To craft eight pieces of concrete powder, four pieces of sand, four pieces of gravel and one piece of dye are needed.

  • Use a crafting table.
  • Place sand in the top, left, right, and the bottom middlebox. 
  • Moreover, place gravel in the other four corners. Place dye in the center.
  • Choose the color of the dye to get colored concrete Minecraft. 
  • You can’t change the color afterward.

How to craft concrete blocks?

You can’t make strong buildings with concrete powder. You have to convert it into the concrete. We will show you how to craft concrete by using concrete powder and water. Once water touches the powder, it becomes hardened concrete. So you have two options.

  • Use a pickaxe in one hand and concrete powder in one hand to add water.
  • Make a concrete powder building and add water from the top.

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