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Lion Premium Grill L75623 Overview: Pricing, Pros, and Cons


In 1992, Leon Carter was awarded the best barbeque designer and manufacturer who created something new and unique which no one else had done it. He designed and manufactured the first barbeque island cabinet also known as portable outdoor kitchen and barbeque equipment to fit in a factory and be assembled as one whole unit. The customer was totally satisfied with this new idea and development in this field as it was ready to use the product delivered to their homes.

Twenty years later, he decided to try something new in this field, he has now started making barbeque grills which are known as lion gas grills.

Standard typical lion grills are made of stainless steel of high quality, warranty of stainless steel burners, an easily operated frontal design, knobs, lighted hooted, inbuilt thermometer and a large handle.

Lion grills have two series of stainless steel gas grills- the L75000 featuring 4 burners and L90000 featuring 5 burners made from the highest quality of materials. The products are designed and verified before releasing them into the market by the team’s experts. L75000 is known as lion 32 grill as it is 32 inches in size.


Lion 32 inch grill is a built-in gas grill having a total area of 830 square inches of cooking surface with 4 cast stainless steel burners having 75,000 BTUs. The stainless steel is of 304-16 gauge commercial-grade quality.

The lion bbq grill’s head has polished edges with double-layer seamless welded stainless steel. It has an infrared rotisserie back panel. The rotisseries are mostly used to cook large pieces of meat, chicken on a low flame for even cooking. They keep on rotating constantly making the chicken juicy giving an exceptional mind-blowing taste. The rotisserie can be cooked either through infrared burner which is available in lion 32-inch grill or through indirect heat. It usually takes around 1.5hrs – 4.5hrs to cook evenly depending on the size of the meat you are cooking. The lion bbq grill’s rotisserie holds up to 40 lbs of meat at once.


✔️ Outstanding grill quality. 
Sturdy and durable
✔️ Easy to clean
✔️ Keeps the meat tender and juicy
✔️ Gives a classy and stylish look
✔️ Easy to install
✔️ Built-in light


❌ The product says 32 inch but its less 
than 32 inch in size
❌ At times, the knobs get too hot leading 
to burning your fingers

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Apart from rotisserie grill, other gourmet package includes cover, smoker box, griddle and griddle remover with bottle opener.

Lion grill has an inbuilt thermometer to monitor the temperature at all times while grilling. Temperature plays a vital role during a barbeque. Even with a minor error in setting the right temperatures while grilling will not only burn your food but can also not give the right taste. The 32-inch grill can also be used as an outdoor grill.

While you are cooking you definitely need some extra space on the grill for warming up your steaks. Even if you don’t find space available on your grill to heat up your food, you may do so with a lion’s warming rack. To add to it, it can be easily adjusted according to your particular angle

💡 Editorial Tip

How to choose a built-in gas grill?

The grill is well lit with dual lights that are placed just beneath the dual-layered hood.

The base of the grill is very heavy making it sturdy. It has 5 commercial XL size push to turn knobs weighing 170.10 lbs, with 16 Gauge and 304- stainless steel. The base also comprises a stainless steel light watch.

When grilling with the lid closed, it may be very hot so be careful while opening the cover. The lid of the grill can be lifted with the support of the XL full-length handle.


Since Lion grill is unique and different in style and set-up as compared to the other grills and brands mentioned above in the article, the price is pretty cheap with the quality and style they offer their customers.

Lion grill reviewed with other top brands has good features. Lion has 4 burners with 830 square inches while Napoleon has 3 burners with 425 sq. inches both being made of stainless steel.

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