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Monument Grill 17842 with Rotisserie: Overview, Pricing, Pros and Cons


Monument grills have been founded by a team of grill designing and manufacturing experts. They are one among those handfuls of brands that offer the product at a very considerable price.

The company is managed by four highly experienced people with great knowledge of grills and customer service with innovative ideas. One of the chairpersons is the factory owner of one of the best grill plants in the world. The reason for starting this company was when they realized the cost of the grills was way beyond the limit. The cheap ones were of poor quality and did not last long while the expensive ones were too unaffordable which weren’t worth the hard-earned customers’ money. So the main goal of the company is focused on providing good performing grills with a good value of the price.


Can you smell the aroma of your perfectly grilled chicken? Can you smell your marinated chicken? If not, then you are missing out on the real fun of your food. No food is good without a mesmerizing aroma. Monument grill 17842 will give you a mouth-watering aroma of your perfectly spiced marinated chicken steak.  It’s been designed for years of grilling and cooking food giving you good memories at all times. 

As the saying goes, the first impression is the best impression; Monument grill 17842 gives a classy and royal look with its silver powder-coated side, backs and base panels. Not just this, but it also has 29’’ Porcelain-coated enamel firebox.


✔️ Easy to assemble- no one 
likes to assemble for hours and hours

✔️ Food is cooked evenly throughout.
It can be cooked with the lid up or down;
while a few ovens require the lid to
be closed all the time

✔️ It can easily be heated to 600 degrees

✔️ The side burner heats fast even
when the grill is being used.
There’s no compromise or adjustment needed
when you are using the bigger space!

✔️ Cost-effective

✔️ Blue LED control knobs


❌ The hood is lightweight.
When grilling outside in your
backyard during a windy night,
the hood may fall down frequently

❌ The grill gets rusted- not
a good idea for a long time purchase

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Monument grill has 4 stainless-burner gas grills with Rotisserie along with 1 side burner cast in an iron cooking grid with a huge cooking area of 513.3 square inches + 210 square inches warming rack cooking area + side burner. It has a 430 stainless lid and a steel door for storing your grill equipment and food. Having stainless grills you don’t have to worry about the old kind of grills, where they turn greasy and rusty giving a horrible appearance and not so favorable environment to cook your food on.

Well, you need enough room and working space while cooking. Don’t you? It’s not feasible for you to cut the veggies and other add-ons in the kitchen while you have to cook and keep an eye on your grill simultaneously making sure you don’t burn the food which is placed outside on the grill. Doesn’t sound practical, does it?  This perfect grill comes along with side shelves which are very helpful and come handy at the time of grilling.

💡 Editorial Tip

Napoleon LEX 485 Built-In Grill Overview: Pricing, Pros, and Cons

If you are too picky when it comes to food’s smell and taste than this is the best built-in gas grill for you as it doesn’t change the aroma and taste of your grilled food. The propane gas cooks the food evenly and gives a good taste. To add to it, placing chicken and lamb on the rotisserie has never been so easy before. Not to forget, the rotisserie is included along with the monument grill.

It comes along with a pilotless ignition (also called automatic electronic ignition) which eliminates the need to light the burners, unlike the Napolean grill which has a Jetfire ignition system. The grill has an inbuilt thermometer to monitor the temperature of your grilled food all the time. A food thermometer is the only way to ensure the food is cooked perfectly by eliminating bacteria.

Four locking nylon wheels are present for the grill to stay sturdy and not move or shake when you are working with it.


Monument grill has been reviewed as durable, long-lasting porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grids with 304 stainless steel burners.  It is cheap as compared to the rest of the grills.

Monument grill has been inspired by the American West. It can be used outdoors when entertaining and enjoying with family and friends.

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