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Napoleon LEX 485 Napoleon LEX 485


Napoleon LEX 485 Built-In Grill Overview: Pricing, Pros, and Cons


Napoleon is a Canadian based grilling company that has over 40 years of experience providing quality, home comfort products.

Their mission is to deliver products with the highest quality, innovation, and performance which the customers desire.  It has won a number of awards at various events for various categories such as electric products, hearth. Barbeque components and controls, hearth accessories, gas products, best in the show.


The Napoleon grills have been known as one of the best built-in gas grill made of stainless steel and chrome accents they are recognized as a versatile group of grills. The LEX 485 is made of heavy materials making it highly durable and strong. It requires a separate kitchen island giving you lots of space to work on while you cook. The interiors are well and finely constructed with easy access to store their accessories. The grill has an infrared side and rear burners’ natural gas. As the name suggests, it works on propane or natural gas. The price of Napoleon LEX 485 serves perfect with their product qualities.

Napoleon LEX 485 Built-in Grill has a cooking range of 815 square inches (0.53 m²) helping you to cook at least 24 hamburgers at once. Its dimensions are 29.75L × 21.5W × 7.5H in. The gas grills are designed in such a manner that there is even heat distribution throughout the grill. If you love to have sear marks on the meat or steaks then you are looking at the perfect grill option as Napoleon grills offer you with the iconic WAVE cooking grids made from 304-stainless steel. The grids are compactly placed making it impossible for smaller food items such as shrimps to fall off.


✔️ Generous cooking area

✔️ Unique wave pattern on the
cooking grid which doesn’t
allow smaller items to fall off

✔️ Backlit knobs

✔️ Multipurpose shelves

❌ Not all parts are stainless

❌ Warranty is restricted to
limited parts of the grill

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Beneath the grills are flame tamers that are placed throughout the grill giving you an advantage as it redirects drippings which may ruin your burners and most importantly the tamers vaporizes the drippings which go back to the meat and adds more flavor to it. The sear marks can be obtained either by direct and indirect heating.

It consists of 4 stainless steel tube burners with 16,000 BTU’s units with Jet fire ignition which is an easy ignition system wherein just a spark of flame lights up all the burners and 2 additional burners For rotisserie style of cooking, there is an infrared burner with 13,500 (BTU). Also, possess i-Glow LED backlighting which gives a stylish and stunning look

Napoleon LEX 485 propane gas grill also has a drip pan at the bottom of the grill which doesn’t allow the juices and spices which fall from the meat to come off on the counter. The cart of the LEX is very spacious.

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How to choose a built-in gas grill?

The shelf of the prestige pro is multifunctional. The shelf can be used as a cutting board or also as an ice bucket for keeping your drinks. Or you can simply just use it for marinating.

The back of the grill is designed with a ceramic burner which is very powerful. It also comes along with a smoker burner to give a smokey flavor to the food.

Napoleon grill costs much cheaper than Weber and also Napoleon scores a point ahead of Weber in terms of grilling space. Napoleon offers 815 square inches (0.53 m²) while Weber offers 513 square inches (0.33 m²) of the cooking area.

Although, both of the brands have a warming rack which is very useful and come in handy when you are cooking in parts or cooking more than one dish. To add on to the grilling space, both Napoleon and Weber offer an excellent side burner for searing steaks or meat or chicken.

Both brands have well-built quality products that offer good heat consistency. Since Napoleon LEX is larger than compared to Weber it offers more heating power strength of 74,000 BTU’s which is retained inside the double-walled lid while cooking. On the other hand, the Weber grills are small as a result they offer less heating power strength of 43,500 BTU’s which is perfectly good for its size. It also has an option of ‘High+Heat’ if you want to give it more heat depending on what you are planning to grill.

Final Thoughts

The napoleon grills are made of sturdy stainless steel which gives a chic look and definitely does not look like a budget grill. It is easy to clean. The Weber grills are also made of strong stainless steel which won’t rust or corrode over the period of time. It gives a sleek appearance which is tough and hardy. There are also a few hooks placed where you can hang your utensils on to.

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