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Napoleon PRO665RSIBPSS-3 Prestige Napoleon PRO665RSIBPSS-3 Prestige


Napoleon PRO665RSIBPSS-3 Prestige Overview: Pricing, Pros, and Cons


Napoleon brand started in the 1980s when wood-burning stoves were common. The Napoleon brand was first started by a couple hailing from Germany, Wolfgang and Ingrid Schroeter who later on moved to Canada and established their company which was known as Wolf Steel Ltd which is now world-widely recognized as Napoleon Appliances. They are now North America’s largest privately-owned gas and charcoal grill manufacturer.


Napoleon grill Prestige PRO 665 has been reviewed as the best built-in gas grill.  Napoleon 665 grill is way ahead in its construction and power strength as compared to Weber. The prestige PRO offers a total of 99,000 BTUs power units which is the ultimate power strength making your food cook quickly while the Weber, on the other hand, offers less power strength. Since it offers a big power unit it should also have a huge cooking area which it does, the cooking area is 1150 square inches (0.74 m²). Yes, you read it right! That’s a huge cooking range size one can dream off. It is ideal for commercial use because of its huge cooking capacity.

The 665 PRO offers your Propane gas grill with infrared rear and side burners with absolute heat retention giving you first-class sear marks and proximity lights. It has 6 stainless steel burners


✔️ Sturdy, durable, strong and bulky

✔️ Power strength with 99,000
BTU’s and large cooking area

✔️ Well lit control knobs

✔️ Used mainly for commercial purposes

✔️ Has interior grilling lights;
perfect for night BBQ

✔️ Lifetime warranty

❌ Since the grill is huge, it 
requires enough space to place it


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If you need a strong smokey taste and smell on your food, you may use the smoker tray. Well, who wouldn’t like a change in the food? And if you are cooking for a large scale or for commercial purposes you do need a range of variety of food. Not all your customers would prefer gas cooked steaks or meat or chicken.

The body is made of stainless steel which provides durability and at the same time gives you a stylish and chic rule. Their ignition is the same as the previous models; Jet fire ignition

The control knobs are lit when in use; it shows a red light when gas is left on as a safety measure. And at nighttime, the interior grill lights illuminate while grilling.

It has a different style of lid opening which involves basic Physics principles. The lid uses center gravity to lift up smoothly without going beyond the grill which saves up a lot of spaces.

The most important thing while grilling- temperature control is managed by ACCUPROBE Temperature Gauge. They have dual-level stainless steel plates that distribute heat evenly and also protect the burners.


When it comes to comparison between Napoleon PRO 665 and Weber they equally have great features of searing, rotisserie, and smoking. When you jot down their pros it will definitely be a tie. The only factor of comparison or differentiating between the two brands can be done by looking at the extras which they offer.

Weber has a built-in rotisserie which is a quick set-up and easy to disassemble. While you need to install the rotisserie every time when using a Napoleon grill.

💡 Editorial Tip

How to choose a built-in gas grill?

Napoleon offers more lighting which is favorable for night BBQ grilling; an interior lighting and knob lighting. Weber offers handle lights and knob lights.

Weber has one sear station while Napoleon has two, one on each shelf. Both of the brands have a smoking option available.

The main difference between these two top barbecue grilling brands is the overall power they can handle and the fact Weber has a traditional side burner.

Napoleon accessory burners are more powerful than Weber as they offer only infrared on the side burners while Weber doesn’t. Controlling temperature on infrared isn’t a piece of cake, so Napoleon has a big challenge to face!


Lastly but not least, the most crucial point is the price. There’s a huge price difference between the two products. So think wisely before purchasing them. Is it really worth spending the extra amount of money on Napoleon just for some extra power?

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