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Weber 7170001 Summit S-470 Weber 7170001 Summit S-470


Weber 7170001 Summit S-470 Overview: Pricing, Pros, and Cons


Weber grills date back to one of the oldest companies to make grills which promoted families and friends to get together and have a nice time at their backyard barbecues.

The Weber grills have redefined the meaning of grilling with their revolutionized grilling techniques and equipment. From the original kettle with heat to electronic temperature controls and flavourizer bars, Weber continues to amaze us.

Its performance is nothing compared to any other brand. Its quality remains the same from the time it first started up till now.


Weber Summit S series gas grills provide you with all the features you wish for with the best performance.

Weber gas grill system: One may think it’s quite easy to grill or BBQ food and that there’s no magic in lighting up the gas grills But you just don’t need to fire or gas for your food to be grilled. What gives you the taste and the aroma for your food apart from the spices is the mechanism and functionality of the grilling system. If there’s an error in the grill system, the food wouldn’t be mouth-watering. With the Weber BBQ gas grill system, you will never get a chance to be disappointed. Their grills are perfect with cent percent functionality assuring easy assembly with controlled even heat throughout the burners for cooking the food evenly.


✔️ Well-built with strong and 
high-quality materials

✔️ No complaints against
difficulty in cleaning the grill

✔️ Assembling it is no rocket science

✔️ Flavourizer bars which add
more taste to the grill food

✔️ Their idea and technology behind
the grease management system is great

❌ Rotisserie isn’t up to the standard

❌ The knobs are made of plastic which breaks

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Their cook box comprises cooking grates, burner tubes, and flavourizer bars is made of aluminum and require minimum maintenance. It is made of excellent high-quality durable material which can withstand any high temperature. Also, the shape of the cook box when combined with shroud gives an even cooking whether you’re using direct or indirect heat.

Cooking grates are made of 3 types; Porcelain-enameled steel, stainless steel, and porcelain-enameled cast-iron. All 3 being the best with providing the best taste and retaining the heat evenly. Most importantly all three materials can easily be cleaned.

The burners are made of high-quality stainless steel which is made of a single piece of steel with no welds, making it even stronger and rust-resistant. It can also withstand a small amount of water from the natural gas or propane. The burners can easily be cleaned by gently brushing it with Weber stainless steel grill brush.

Weber’s own invention, flavourizer bars are made of either porcelain enamel or stainless steel. They are durable, long-lasting and can be cleaned once in a while with a stainless steel grill brush. Flavourizer bar system is present in various grills like spirit, summit and Summit gas grills. The flavourizer bars are placed in the right position wherein the bars catch the drippings from the burner that smoke and sizzle which adds flavor to the food. The drippings which are not absorbed by the wonderful smoke go down by a different channel which leads to a grease management system. This makes your cooking area look neat and hygienic and also doesn’t ruin your burners.

💡 Editorial Tip

How to choose a built-in gas grill?

The grease management system consists of a grease tray and a catch pan. Once the juices drip into the grease tray which is placed beneath the cook box at a far distance to not catch fire, slides all the way down to the catch pan. Once the catch pan is filled, simply just removed the disposable drip pan and toss it over the trash can. Both the catch pan and the grease tray are easy to clean.

As part of the Summit S series, the S-470 Weber natural gas grill has four stainless steel burners and a snap-jet individual burner ignition system, unlike Napoleon’s instant Jet fire ignition.

It possesses stainless steel cooking grates and stainless steel Flavorizer bars with 48,800 BTU. With a total of 580 square inches (0.37 m²) of cooking space, 468 square inches (0.3 m²) is for primary cooking space while 112 square inches (0.07 m²) is a warming rack. It just doesn’t end here. To add on to it, the grill also has a side burner with a strong 12,000 BTU, a Sear Station burner, a smoker burner, an infrared rotisserie burner.                                                                                         

Final Thoughts

Summit grill has a built-in gas grill of Weber or can be used as a 20-pound LP tank. Additionally, Weber’s natural gas grill has a built-in thermometer making sure your food doesn’t remain raw, a stainless steel shroud, two stainless steel working areas a grill out the light, tool hooks, two heavy-duty front-locking casters, and two heavy-duty back swivel casters.

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