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What is Text-To-Speech? And Why You Should Use It?

So why all this buzz about the text-to-speech technology?
The answer is simple because it is a revolutionary idea. Text-to-speech (TTS) or Speech synthesis technology is something that converts written text into an audible format. In other words, if you type in your text into this software, it analyzes the text and “speaks” it back.

Text-to-speech continues to gather popularity as people are starting to understand its potential. Consequently, there are many free text-to-speech solutions available in the market today providing many useful features.

Why Should You Use Text-To-Speech

Text-to-speech is a technology that has the potential to benefit individuals and businesses alike. As a result, today, there are online text-to-speech tools available that anyone can access by simply doing a Google search. This makes it very accessible. Text-to-speech technology can not only benefit businesses but it can also aid individuals with certain disabilities such as visual impairment and learning disabilities.

Website Traffic

Web traffic is an important factor in any growing website and adding a text-to-speech tool right there on the website itself has its advantages. Not only can it provide existing users with a better experience of the website, but it can also drive in more traffic by creating a better web presence.

  1. An online text-to-speech tool can make web surfing a lot easier for visually impaired users. This will attract more users to the website which will increase the traffic.
  2. Illiterate people who don’t know how to read can easily use this tool to understand the contents of the website. Almost everyone uses the internet these days and much of the news that they get comes from the internet. It will be very useful to have such a tool on websites such as online news websites.

TTS For Businesses

Small to medium-sized businesses might not have a big budget to hire someone to read out content for platforms such as audiobooks or online videos. It can get quite expensive to hire someone to provide voice-overs. With text-to-speech, you can easily create realistic voice recordings for your text. And by using an online tool, you are saving both time and money. There are many free text-to-speech software with natural sounding voices available online businesses. Irrespective of the fact whether you are a large business or a medium to a small one, there are many affordable solutions to choose from.

Improved Reading

Some people find it difficult to read a certain text, especially those having long sentences and paragraphs. It might be because of the word choices or text length or because of a reading disability. Text-to-speech software comes to the rescue here, providing clear and realistic speech with natural sounding voices.

This can not only make this experience better but also develop the user’s ability to read longer and more difficult sentences.

Now that we’ve seen what text-to-speech is, let’s look at some of the best text-to-speech software that is available now.

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