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Why are Built-in Gas Grills so Expensive?

The price of any object or a utility is a complex function of multitudes of factors. BBQ grills are no exception to this complexity of determination of any object’s price. This, however, is abundantly clear, at least in a relative sense, that reasons for built-in gas grills being expensive are evidently valid.

Built-in Gas Grills V.S. Conventional Grills

The Idea

Conventional grills available in the market are quite cheap, and justifiably so. They come in almost every shape and size you can think of, and more to that, you can build one yourself. Simply arranging a couple of rocks and briquettes in a correct fashion, putting in some coal in the cavity and then lighting it up, and placing a makeshift grill or using skewers over the burning coals with some distance in between, would do the job just fine. But, with a lot of effort on the part of the user.

In contrast to the scenario provided above, built-in gas grills provide the user with the modern technology and the privilege to Barbeque with ultimate ease and maximum efficiency; without having to put in undue effort to get the best possible BBQ.

The Materials

This section contains the major bulk of reasons that contribute to built-in gas grills in being significantly more expensive than the conventional ones. While most normal grills cost around 200 dollars or so, good built-in gas grills reach the price range that nominally exceeds 1000 dollars price tags.

Buying a BBQ Grill can be somewhat difficult and confusing unless you know what you are looking at. You can walk into most large home retail outlet stores and find BBQ grills of average size ranging from $199.99 up to $1000.00 or more. So what is the big difference in these barbecue grills? They look about the same. Grills have the same features and accessories. They both have the same number of burners and the same BTU rating.

The most expensive Gas Grill in the world is called Beefeater Gold-Plated Barbeque Grill and comes with a price tag of $164.000. It covered with 24-carat gold, except for the grilling surface.

The most important parts of any barbeque grill like the burners, briquettes, grids and all the rest of its parts and facets that make up a whole grill play the most significant part in the retail price of the grill. Most gas grills have a purposefully built stainless steel grid which is rather expensive. Some that feature high quality durable and resilient ceramic or porcelain-coated grids are even more expensive. Even the ones made with cast iron are not cheap.

Burners are entirely made of the highest quality of steel that the manufacturers see fit to be used as a primary heat channel which will make the grill do its job. This too greatly contributes to the heavier price of built-in gas grills.


To conclude, the reason for the built-in gas grills justify their heavier price tag. The ease and serviceability of such products outweigh the apparent but in reality an insignificant burden of initial expense for buying and choosing a built-in gas grill.

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